Google Calendar


There are three ways you can access the new calendar:

The most simplest way ...
Just visit the SwimZone website like you always do, and you can see the calendar on the Google Calendar page (start at Go Racing, then go to Calendar, then Google Calendar).

Once there you can customise the way the information is presented and move forward/backward in time.

The slightly harder, but still extremely easy way ...
Click on this link and it will open the calendar in your web browser.  Once you have done that, save it as a Bookmark and call it something like SZR Calendar.  That way it will always be available to you as one of the many bookmarked sites you visit regularly.

Finally, the most technically challenging way, although very easy for those familiar with managing calendars on their Smart Phones and Computers ...
You can subscribe to the SwimZone Google Calendar using the link below:

Here are a few links that may help you with this, if you are not 100% familiar and want to give it a go:

If the above links don't prove to be 100% fruitful, just Google it and all your questions will be answered :)