About Swim Meets

SWIM MEETS give swimmers the opportunity to put into practice all those things the coach has been telling them to do. For many swimmers, the swim meets are the ‘fun’ bit of swimming.

There are 3 main types of meets that you might be involved in. Initially we suggest taking part in a Need4Speed. However you may also be involved in other meets around the Wellington region (the signature meets) or you may be involved in the Wellington Championships.


A Need4Speed is an official swim meet run by Swimzone Racing for swimmers from clubs and swim schools in the Hutt Valley. This meet is for novice and less experienced swimmers and has a break time, which basically means if the swimmer has previously swum a time faster than that time they are not able to enter in that event.

A Timezone is like an official swim meet (it has official starters, referees, inspectors of turns, timekeepers, etc) but this event is only for SwimZone Racing members. When you participate in a Timezone event you will only be competing against members of our own club.


These meets are held throughout the Wellington region and are hosted by individual Wellington swimming clubs. These meets are coordinated through the Wellington Swimming Association.


These regional meets occur in the summer (mid-January) and winter (Aug/Sept). This event showcases the Wellington talent of swimming. Clubs are responsible for nominating officials for these meets as well as being responsible for some sessions of the meet. If a club is responsible for a session, they need to supply runners, door stewards, medal bearers, and food assistants.

Swimmers need to qualify to swim at these events. Qualifying times are published by the Wellington Swimming Association in their annually updated booklet which you will receive when you join the club.